Sunday, January 6, 2013

Little Italy in the Bronx - Arthur Avenue

Had a rare opportunity to be in the Bronx this morning. I decided to check out Arthur Avenue in the bronx, home of the "Little Italy" in the Bronx. Unfortunately, on Sundays, many places were closed. Despite that I took a walk around and still was able to get a feel for the neighborhood.

There is a park there at the end of the neighborhood. Really, more of a small triangle with a sculpture of Columbus there.

On Arthur Avenue, there are a cluster of fancy looking italian restaurants. There is the "market" which is well known and has been featured in many cooking shows. There are many bakeries within short walking distance. I did decide to drop in on a bakery called Marrone's Pastry Shop. Oh, my... the cannoli here were truly delicious.

For sure i'll have to come back another day, perhaps on a friday or a saturday. I bet it'd be crowded on a weekend night, but it'd be more interesting to look around at that time.

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