Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rex Has a Right to Privacy

Sometimes the media really goes overboard the wrong way. Pictured above is Rex Ryan, the head coach of the NY Jets. He's been under media attack for the past week about a tattoo he has on his body. Allegedly the tattoo is of his wife wearing a football jersey with the starting quarterback's number on it. Very frankly... I believe it is NO ONE's business but Rex Ryan's! Sure, I think it is ok to criticize his calls during a game, his game preps, his record, or his performance managing his team. But calling an individual out, drawing attention to a tattoo, I believe is pure garbage. I think most people realize that when we are public figures in NY, that we are often subject to media scrutiny, but I feel embarrassed that the media has really shown a lack of class that is very offensive and over the line.

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